FAST 8218 applicator for liquid fertilizers introduction and plants feeding™

FAST 8218 applicator for liquid fertilizers introduction and plants feeding
It is used for pre-sowing agents application as well as their application between the rows at vegetation period.
The applicator applies fertilizers to the depth of the root zone of the plant which allows their effective use during the growing season
  • Reinforced frame for difficult operating conditions
  • Flexible frame with the ability to move the wings by 15 degrees vertically and 8 degrees down
  • Large tank with a short drawbar
  • Large soil clearance
  • Possible adjustment for any distance between the rows

Model FAST 8218
Capturing device width: 12.2 m (40 feet) or 18.3 m (60 feet)
Frame: 5 sections, the wings have movement range of 15° vertically and 8° downwards
Distance between the rows, cm: 70
Frame: 12.7 × 17.8 cm, two-bared, edge sections are single-bared, hydraulic pressure, Wing Kick protection system
Number of rows: 17 or 25
Frame clearance: 74 cm
Application and monitoring system: Raven 450, Skytrack radar, 5 ball valves, flow meter
Tailored tank
Capacity: 6,813 l (1,800 gallons)
Drive: Wheels 380/90R46 wheels or caterpillar drive with 38 cm wide caterpillars
Fluid delivery pump: Ace 205-304F Hydraulic pump
Ploughshare: Disk type with an injector
Sprayers, kit: StreamJet
Disks diameter: 510 cm
Overall dimensions and lever
Transportation width/height: 4.95/3.05
Weigh (approximate): 6,200 kg
Required power: 200 to 220 hp.

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