Case IH 3162 (Draper) grain harvesterâ„¢

The reel of the Case IH 3162 reaper is distinguished by its specific trajectory of movement of fingers; it actively and at the same time very carefully feeds the matter to the cutting device, and after cutting at once pushes it to the conveyor. The longitudinal belt conveyor quickly feeds the cut matter to the central transverse conveyor which evenly feeds it to the combine. The seeds that have fallen on the conveyor will not be lost in any case because the conveyor has a special chute at the bottom which leads to the transverse conveyor, which together with the bulk feeds these seeds to the inclined chamber.
The harvester is extremely productive in harvesting grain and soybeans as well as rapeseed thanks to an additional upper auger.
From the factory, the harvester can be equipped with special transport wheels, which solve the problem of transporting a wide-capturing harvester.

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