Inter-row cultivator BEDNAR ROW-MASTER RN™

The richly functional cultivator ROW-MASTER RN has a universal stone frame for victorious planting in inter-row processing for ruynuvannya soil pick and the use of weeds in wide-row crops. The interval of regulation between the rows of 45 to 80 centimeters allows ROW-MASTER to vykoristovuvat when sowing corn, dormouse, beetroot and other sleepy crops. To increase productivity and change the growth rate in the rows, the cultivator can be equipped with the CultiCam automatic guidance system.

BEDNAR ROW-MASTER is a universal tool for processing sugar beets, corn, sunflower and other row crops to obtain a higher quality crop.

  • Main features:

  • designed to destroy soil crust,

  • effectively destroys weeds in between rows of row crops,

  • thanks to the clearance of the frame allows you to work on tall crops buz damage,

  • has an easily adjustable row spacing.
Working width, m                                      6.4
Transport width, m                                    3
Working depth, cm                                    2-12
Number of rows / row spacing, cm         8/70
Number of paws                                        5 arrows per section
Driving the camera                                    yes
Recommended power, hp                        125-150
Working width, m                                      9.6
Transport width, m                                    3
Robocha clay, cm                                       2-12
Number of rows                                         12/18
Number of paws                                        5 arrowheads per section
Guided by the camera                               yes
Recommended pressure, hp                    180-250
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