Trailed cultivators are widely used in the cultivation of a wide variety of soils, they are aggregated with tractors with a power of 200-500 hp. All trailed cultivators presented in our catalog are equipped with a powerful frame, on which advanced multifunctional paws, discs and kotki are mounted, with the help of which various operations can be carried out to prepare the soil for subsequent sowing. Pull-type cultivators are used in a variety of configurations, giving agronomists the opportunity to choose the best option for a particular type of soil, while taking into account the presence of crop residues and landscape features.

Such disc-shank cultivators are distinguished by design features that allow cultivating the soil more efficiently and quickly. The standard configuration is one row of discs, immediately followed by two rows of deep loosening shares, followed by a second row of discs and a row of packers. There is another configuration, when behind two rows of discs there are two rows of tines and the same packer. The use of such cultivators is necessary in case of excessive vegetation. The discs carry out double grinding, as a result, the machine does not clog and the residues pass without problems.

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