Unique KUN solutions for absolute application accuracy: - CDA distribution system; - weighing system.

Hopper capacity 1400-3200 liters. Working width 12–36 m
The innovative drive for discs and low-speed agitators does not require long-term maintenance. All shafts and angle reducers work in an oil bath and are protected by a strong frame construction from fertilizer dust, dirt, moisture and mechanical damage. K - hydraulic control of valves by two cylinders of unilateral action. Q - electronic fertilizer dosing system depending on the change of speed. QUANTRON-A. W - weighing system with a frequency of 100 Hz monitors the application rate 100 times per second.

CDA distribution system:
1. Quick adaptation to different types of fertilizers and width of capture. 2. Supply of fertilizers of various types without failures - a constant flow of fertilizers and uniform application.

Technical characteristics Volume of the bunker, l Working width of entering, m / disks Maximum payload, kg Filling height, cm Width of the bunker, m


Dosing damper control

Calibration kit, application rates Hopper sieve Stainless steel discs and guards 3-point hitch Net weight, kg Axis 30.2 K Axis 30.2 Q 3200 18–28 / S4; 24–36 / S6; 30–42 / S8 3200 Axis 30.2 W

99–105 2.40–2.80 depending on manual capacity magnifier, fixed lever 2 single-acting cylinders electronic control DPAE

electronic - Quantron A computer 
standard standard standard cat. 2 3-point, cat. 3 320 325
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