Precision seeder KUHN KOSMA Select™

KOSMA is a new addition to the KUHN precision seed drill line. This is exactly the tool you need to work with a light tractor; KOSMA allows sowing in cultivated fields or areas of minimum cultivation at a speed of 4 to 8 km / h.
This new seed drill occupies an intermediate position between PLANTER 3 and MAXIMA 3.
KOSMA provides a harmonious balance between weight and seeding rate on treated soil to limit compaction and reduce fuel consumption. Sowing accuracy is extremely important to KUHN, so KOSMA is equipped with the MAXIMA 3 distribution system, which has already been praised by thousands of farmers for its exceptional accuracy and ability to work with many different types of seeds.
KUHN adapts to your machine requirements and road requirements, offering a wide range of chassis for multi-crop farms, contractors, cooperatives, grain and beet farms.
You can also take full advantage of advanced precision farming technologies to increase comfort and productivity.
Light and economical, it guarantees uniform seed placement and quality work in high humidity!
Lightweight and economical, it guarantees uniform seed placement and quality work in high humidity conditions!

The seeder is designed for farms with row crops from 100 to 500 hectares and is designed for sowing on well-prepared soil at speeds of 4 to 8 km / h.

The seeder is supplied to Ukraine in two modifications:

- trailed KOSMA select TM8R

- mounted KOSMA select M8R

Impressive lightness

The unladen weight of the Kosma is less than 95 kg of the KOSMA seeder, therefore it requires tractors with a lower capacity. Thus, you can save on fuel and reduce soil compaction during seeding.

Excellent value for money and quality
Lightness and good throughput make KOSMA seeders an advantageous purchase in terms of price, quality and productivity. Strong and reliable, they will satisfy the needs of peasant farms.

Suitable for minimum tillage technology
The KOSMA digging system is easily adaptable and provides an additional load of 12.5 or 25 kg, which ensures good penetration and stable planting in a well-prepared soil layer. Front options allow you to adapt the configuration to the required conditions.

  • Folding trailer frame for sowing row crops with 45/50, 70, 70/75 cm row spacing.
  • The sowing module with the bunker of 50 l allows to work at a speed to 8 km / h
  • Low requirements for tractor power: 30% lower compared to others. 8-row drills.
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