Case IH Axial Flow 8250™

Axial-Flow 250 series combines are equipped with Case IH's most advanced automated harvesting technology - AFS Harvest CommandTM, which eliminates the need for the operator to constantly adjust the combine parameters to changing harvesting conditions during long working days.

Combines with high performance grain hoppers and unloading systems are equipped with this optional technology: it is a revolutionary autonomous system that monitors all key elements of the combine and optimizes its operating settings according to four strategies to ensure maximum performance in all harvesting conditions.

Settings such as rotor speed, rotor shroud guide position adjustment, cleaning system fan speed, and the degree of opening of the cleaning sieves are automatically and continuously adjusted in real time to guarantee the highest productivity and grain quality – without any operator intervention.

All operators will benefit from this system, but it will be especially useful for less experienced operators, as the combine will now be able to make important decisions independently and optimize performance accordingly.

Model: FTP Cursor 13 / Tier II
Capacity: 12.9 l
Rated power: 496 hp. (362 kW)
Maximum power: 571 hp. (420 kW)
Fuel system type: High Pressure Common Rail
Fuel tank capacity: 1,125 l
Wheel configuration: Front wheel drive (2WD)
Transmission type: 2-speed hydrostatic drive
Standard size of the wheels:
Front: Single, 900/60R32 or rubber caterpillars 76 cm wide
Rear: Single, 600/70R28
Threshing and separation systems
Threshing and separation systems type: Single-rotor/sieve mills
Rotor: Drive from Power PlusTM continuously variable transmission with 3 ranges
Diameter on the outer edge of the whips is 762 mm, diameter of the rotor tube is 649 mm
Rotor length is 2,623 mm
Rotor rotational speed is 220 to 1,180 rpm
Rotor cage: 4 threshing modules and 4 separation modules
Capture angle of threshing modules is 180°, and that of separation ones is 180°
Contaminants removal: Contaminants removal area is 8.59 m2
“Cross Flow” fan, 40 blades, 392.5 mm diameter
Finishing milling device available
Type of non-grain portion processing system: Knife rotor installed transversely and counter-knives
Type of non-grain portion throwing system: Two vertical blade throwing devices with side deflectors
Threshing and separation systems. Monitoring and navigation, dimensions and weight
Capacity of the cleaned grains hopper: 14.4 m3
Unloading auger length: 6.7 m
Unloading auger capacity: 0.113 m3/s

Monitoring: Colour touch screen of AFS Pro 700 (yield and humidity sensors optionally)
GPS navigation systems: Optional installation of autopilot, GPS navigation and mapping system is possible

Length/width/height: 8.9/4.4/4.7 m
Weight (approximate): 17,735 kg

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