• Creating field maps of different levels of detail
  • Comparison of actual cultivation with lease agreements
  • Creating field maps of different levels of detail.

The electronic map of the state of the fields contains all the necessary information for making the right and sound design decisions on the location of various crops, as well as sorting technologies for their cultivation. Creating maps of the state of the fields is a real opportunity to carry out the optimal organization of territories with the obligatory account of landscape connections.

This document is based on accurate, structured information about the area of ​​the fields, and allows you to correctly calculate the distances to the nearest centimeter. This high-tech tool will help: determine the resource reserve of agricultural land, resulting in:

  • accurately plan the amount of harvest;
  • calculate the optimal rate of fertilizer application;
  • perform the calculation of the required number of seeds and determine the facts of irrational use of seed;
  • helps to analyze the conditions that affect the growth of plants in a particular area / field;
  • monitor equipment;
  • calculate fuel consumption and proper use of working time;
  • to carry out forecasting of crop yields.

Creating a field status map will optimize production, increase productivity and rationally use available resources.

Pros of cartographic field plans

The advantages of such documents are many. These include the following:

  1. Adaptability to perception.
  2. Visible efficiency.
  3. Prompt access to information.
  4. Ability to quickly make changes to data.
  5. Clearness.

It is important to note that such a document, subject to proper implementation, is done only once. In the future, you can add data, new objects and make working marks in the map. Also, if necessary, you can convert a map from one cartographic format to another.

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