Field-IQ system of differential introduction of materials™

Field-IQ system of differential introduction of materials allows you to monitor sowing, control the application of materials and normalize supply of seeds which prevents overconsumption of seeds and fertilizers.
Automatic section control function in the Field-IQ system is intended for independent switching on or off of individual sowing machines or sections on the plots having been already sown or with the use of data of task maps of differentiated sowing. Removal of overlaps allows to realize potential of seeds and to increase productivity as much as possible. In addition, unproductive seed consumption is reduced. The savings are directly proportional to the width of the sowing machine capture and complexity of the field contour, and maximum savings can be up to 15 %.

Principal advantages are as follows:
  • Reduction of costs for seeds due to exclusion of overlapping including that on reverse strips and screenings
  • Removing of overlapping reduces the cost of seed and improves yields
  • Sowing in the dark
  • Reduction of crop losses due to competition for nutrients in twins
  • Increased productivity and sowing speed: there is no need to slow down the unit to raise or lower the sowing machine
  • Recording and storage of information on sowing including total average number of sown seeds per hectare
  • Extremely easy control over the functions of the sowing machine without having to leave the tractor cab
  • Reducing cab overload with devices: one display for sowing, differentiated application of materials and precise driving
  • Differentiated application control

The Field-IQ system allows you to apply fertilizers and sow with a variable rate being differentiated for the most efficient use of the obtained data on the diversity of soil fertility. Differentiation of the norm in accordance with the task map for seeds and fertilizers makes it possible to compare sowing density and dose with fertility characteristics. The system is compatible with hydraulic valves of most sowing machines fabricated by world’s famous manufacturers. If the sowing machine has not a variable metering system, it can be upgraded with Trimble Rawson ACCU-RATE hydraulic drives.
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