KUHN Planter 3 Select precision seed drill™

Hinged seeder of exact seeding for sowing of corn, sunflower, beets, soy, beans, sorghum, rape, carrots

The Planter line of three pneumatic precision seed drills is equipped with six frame types for all farms. From solid frame to telescopic and folding - you are sure to find an option that suits your needs and your soil. With a row spacing of 25 to 80 cm, you can sow 3 to 12 rows with a precision and powerful drill. Adapted to European transport width requirements, this precision seed drill allows you to achieve planned profitability without loss of productivity thanks to simple settings, optimized accuracy and options that suit your needs.

The record low height of falling of seeds - 10 cm from the sowing device to a sowing bed - provides constant exact distance between plants in a row. The sowing machine is made of aluminum with high accuracy that guarantees long service life, stability of vacuum, excellent dosage. Parallelogram suspension perfectly copies the unevenness of the soil, which provides a constant accurate depth of sowing and uniformity of seedlings. 

Number of rows | 8
Row spacing | 70 cm
Seed hopper capacity 200 l (25 l x 8 pcs.)
Capacity of fertilizer hoppers 520 l (260 l x 2 pcs.)
Seed opener anchor
Sowing discs | sunflower
Seeding depth adjustment rear rolling wheels, screw mechanism
Fertilizer opener anchor
Prikatka | V-shaped rubber
Aggregation hinged, Cat.2 semi-automatic hitch
Fan drive | PTO 540 rpm cardan shaft under MTZ
Frame width 5.0 m
Support wheels | 6.5 x 12 pcs.
Hydraulic markers serially
Weight | 1551
Tractor requirements 90-110
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