Automatic driving system EZ-Pilot Pro™

Automatic driving system Trimble EZ-Pilot  Prois based on an electric motor integrated in the steering column which allows the system to achieve higher accuracy than EZ-Steer steering clamping device, without the need for complex connections to the hydraulic system.
EZ-Pilot steering device rotates the steering wheel instead of the operator using an electric motor, using GPS signal from CFX-750 or FmX display.
While EZ-Pilot™ system keeps the tractor on the line, the operator can pay more attention to other tasks such as monitoring the performance of the trailed sprayer or sowing machine improving quality of operation and yield while reducing fatigue.

Technology of compensation of inequalities of the field by vehicle
Adjustment of steering of the unit when moving on hills

Quickly responding engine
Accelerate the unit brining on the course and its retention on it

Options compatibility
Installation of the control system on the steering wheel of the unit and the original boom

High flexibility
Unlimited hand steering

High torque
Driving units with harder and more rigid steering

Supported machinery types:
  • Wheeled and caterpillar tractors
  • Throwers
  • Combines
  • Fertilizer application machines
  • Self-propelled sprayers.

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