KUHN GA 6930™

Strength and stability - for intensive use
Rollers with two rotors GA 6930, GA 7530, GA 8030 and GA 8830 form a roll on the side of the machine. The plant mass is raked in width from 6.30 m to 8.80 m. They are ideal for intensive work thanks to the MASTERDRIVE GIII gearbox.
Semi-mounted swathers GA 6930, GA 7530, GA 8030 and GA 8830 are distinguished by their strength and stability both during operation and during transportation. With a working width of 6.30 to 8.80 m and a MASTER DRIVE GIII rotor drive, these four-rotor swathers are designed to work in difficult conditions.
Thanks to the side stacking, you can adjust the amount of plant mass in the formed roll: single roll or combined double roll. You can also adjust the working width to get the most desired roll size. Result: optimization of productivity of the following balers and forage harvesters. These models can form either one roll or two separate ones. You will appreciate this versatility, especially when turning two rolls at the same time, to speed up the drying of the plant mass and increase the productivity of laying the rolls at night.

| Technical characteristics | GA 6930
| Number of rotors | 2
| The number of rakes on the rotor | 11
| Working width, m | one roll — 6.30, two rolls — 6.80 (option)
| Rotor diameter, m | 2.9
| Adjustment of swath width, m | from 0.6 to 1.7
| Roll-forming shield | one mounted on the rear rotor
| Theoretical requirements for tractor power, kW/hp. | 45/60
| Drive from GDP, rpm | 540
| Requirements for tractor hydraulics 1 double-action valve, 1 one-way valve
| Transfer to working/transport position | hydraulic
| Tires | 11.5/80-15.3
| Weight with cardan shaft, kg | 2100
| Transport dimensions (WxDxH), m | 2.8x8.6x3.5
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