Corn harvester FRANCO FABRIL MH870™

Franco Fabril MH corn harvesters have a number of advantages that allow to achieve high productivity and quality of corn harvest:
Steel dividers, which are folded in the transport position, have less, compared to plastic, resistance to the passage of stems to the extending mechanism, and are less vulnerable to damage;
  • The housings of the drive reducers of the harvester are made of aluminum alloy, which allowed to significantly reduce the overall weight of the harvester and, as a result, the potential costs of fuel and spare parts of the harvester;
  • Harvesters can be equipped with a bladed chopper installed with a slight offset of the axis of rotation to the side from the row line, which resulted in significantly better grinding of the corn stalk;
  • The construction of harvesters has high strength and practically does not require maintenance;
  • Harvesters can be adapted by the manufacturer to almost any modern model of the harvester.


Gripping width: up to 6 m
Number of lines: 8
Distance between rows: 70 cm
Shredder of trunks: installed 2-bladed on each row
Type of cart: two-axle
Overall length: 10,300 mm
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