Automatic height control of the AutoBoom XRT sprayer™

AutoBoom XRT is a new generation of technologies that automatically adjust the height of the bar, using information from the sensors that allows you to "look ahead" on the movement of the sprayer and avoid obstacles in advance.
AutoBoom XRT overshadows previous height control options, as it allows you to control a wide range of terrain - from flat fields to the most hilly.
Leading technology of radar sensors performs simultaneous detection of soil and canopy of plants to maintain the optimal spray height and achieve maximum efficiency in tillage. Pressure control of the boom position allows you to move smoothly and respond more quickly to uneven fields, maximizing the service life of the sprayer boom.

Features and benefits:
  • Advanced technology on the Ukrainian market
  • Adherence to the set spray height
  • Increasing the speed and quality of spraying
  • Reduction of drift (wear) of PPE
  • Reduction of crop damage and sprayer boom
  • Simultaneous detection of the ground and the canopy of the plant
  • Sensors of inclination of the car and position of bars
  • 5 contactless radar sensors
  • Easy to use and calibrate
  •  ISOBUS compatible
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