Hawkeye HD sprayer nozzle control system™

The Hawkeye system is the latest innovative Raven technology, which should be mandatory for the control spout for each sprayer.
Each nozzle is controlled by its own individual PWM valve, which gives you a consistent spray pattern and a uniform drop structure when changing speed. The system of control of outflow on the basis of pressure equalization on all width of a bar allows to apply a sprayer in various conditions, reducing drift of drops and to receive the maximum efficiency from each sprayer.
By controlling each nozzle, the Hawkeye system is ultra-precise.

Features and benefits:
  • Advanced technology on the Ukrainian market
  • Adherence to the exact rate of application
  • Increasing the speed and quality of spraying
  • No drift (wear) PPE
  • Homogeneous droplet structure at different application rates
  • Nozzle shutdown at overlapping
  • Outflow compensation on turns
  • Easy installation, setup and calibration
  • One display in the cab
  • ISOBUS compatible
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