RangePoint RTX correction service™

RangePoint RTX correction service provides GNSS-compatible high-performance satellite correction anywhere in the world.
RangePoint RTX operates with a built-in GNSS receiver of Trimble TMX-2050, Fm, CFX-750 displays, or the AG-372 GNSS receiver.
RangePoint RTX provides entry-level correction with submetre accuracy of 15 cm from row to row, and 50 cm from year to year which ideal for operations in areas where the satellite differential correction system (SBAS) is not available.

  • Increased satellite availability thanks to RangePoint RTX GNSS compatibility, which allows the use of GPS and GLONASS satellite signals
  • Free GLONASS: with an active RangePoint RTX subscription, access to GLONASS satellites is unlocked for the duration of the subscription. Using GLONASS in addition to GPS improves signal quality, reduces interference, and, as a result, improves positioning quality
  • Uninterrupted operation at the time of unavailability of correction signal for up to two minutes
  • Fast initialization of RangePoint RTX allows to reach full accuracy in less than 5 minutes
  • One should not afraid of losing the radio signal, as RTX correction services do not need base stations
  • RangePoint RTX correction is available worldwide.

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