Franco Fabril SF sunflower harvester™

Franco Fabril SF sunflower harvester functions on the principle of a continuous cut, but with the mechanism of stretching of sunflower stems. When harvesting with such a harvester, the stems are stretched with a toothed roller at the bottom of the harvester and only the sunflower heads are cut. This ensures good separation and purity of the grain in the hopper.
The harvester can crop qualitatively both in the rows and outside of them. When cropping in the rows, the settings are adjusted to 70 cm between the rows.
The extending roller shaft has teeth only at the entrances of the stems which reduces resistance to the harvester drives. Instead of a baffle on the harvester a self-rotating height-adjustable pipe is used which acts as a roller that eliminates damage of the seeds in the process of stretching the stems to the cut of the head.
When harvesting sunflowers with small heads it is possible to reduce the adjustable gap between the lifters.
The harvesters can be adapted to any imported models of combines.

Harvester model: SF 870 | SF 1270 | SF 1670
Working width of the capturing device: 5.6 m | 8.4 m | 11.2 m
Continuous cut harvester, when working between the rows it captures the following:
Number of the rows: 8 rows | 12 rows | 16 rows
Length of the lifters: 170 cm
Overall width/length: 6.1/3.0 m | 8.9/3.0 m | 11.7/3.0 m
Weight (approximate): 1,490 kg | 2,350 kg | 2,950 kg

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