MacDon FD2 corn harvesters™

Harvesters manufactured by MacDon Canadian company differ from conventional grain harvesters by using a belt conveyor instead of an auger.

This technical solution reduced significantly weight of the harvesters and at the same time increased their width. In addition, MacDon harvester uses an OrbitReel reel which differs from the conventional item with specific trajectory of the fingers. These features together can increase significantly capacity and reduce losses.

FD2 is a flexible three-section copy harvester with a double or triple reel. It allows everyone frame of the harvester, knife bar and reel to follow the contours of the soil as one device, bending on a distance of up to 17 inches + at each end and maintaining a close connection between the reel and the knife bar. Thanks to such unique flexibility, FD2 series harvesters repeat soil contours and guarantee smooth, uniform presentation of vegetation in the combine tops forward, even at the maximum bend. +43.2 cm (17 ”) * Compared to the previous model.

Active flotation system of MacDon ensures instant operation of the FD2 harvester flotation function. This simple mechanical system is integrated into the system of automatic control of height of the combine harvester, but acts independently of it. The system accounts for up to 97% of the harvester's weight. This makes the FD2 effortless passes the unevenness of the soil. The instantaneous operation of the flotation function allows FD2 to cut vegetation extremely close to the ground without raking the dirt. Constantly at almost ground level, FD2 cuts always clean, accurate, even.
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