Olimac Drago corn harvester™

Specific features of Olimac Drago harvester:
  • Automatic self-adjustment of width of entrance grooves allows to reduce losses
  • All the principal adjustments are made at the factory which virtually saves the operator from spending time on preparatory work
  • Exclusive knife rollers are 50 % longer than the conventional ones which allows to reduce the rattle of the stem and make a cut with minimal losses
  • Adjustable angle of the harvester head in the range of 17 to 20° allows to reduce losses
  • “Nose” shape patented by Stealth-Tec allows to reduce losses.

Number of the rows: 8 | 12
Distance between the rows: 70 cm (56 or 76 cm can be ordered by preliminary order)
To be installed on the combines: Case IH, New Holland (or other combines by preliminary order)
Width (at 70 cm between the rows): 6,170 mm | 6,970 mm
Height (from the ground level): 1,050 mm 
Weight (at 70 cm between the rows): 2,620 kg | 3,530 kg
System of automatic adjustment of width of the entrance grooves: Standard
Shredder: For each row, bladed type

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