AFS Connect telematics system™

AFS Connect system uses a combination of GPS satellites and cellular technology to connect wirelessly equipment from Case IH AFS Pro 300 or Pro 700 displays to office computers working in on-line mode. This provides real-time information to help manage fleets, report on performance, manage files remotely, and communicate two-way.

There are two configurations of AFS Connect available
AFS Connect Manager provides ability to manage the fleet, track the location of machines and view their operating status. Alert and security features to protect against theft or misuse include setting up geo locations to monitor the machine within certain limits as well as setting end times to send alerts when the machine is out of service.
AFS Connect Executive includes all the components contained in AFS Connect Manager and some improvements.

The following ones are among them:
  • A two-way communication function that helps farmers/managers select the machine to which information shall be sent. Messages can be instantly displayed on machine displays and machine operators can respond to confirm.
  • A virtual display through which farmers/managers can view the monitor of each machine on their computer. Information is updated every 15 minutes.

You can view the coverage area, operating time of the machine, fuel consumption and much more; display on your computer can be configured to reflect information in the most efficient way.
Telematics data provided by AFS Connect is transmitted to the office computer in real time. This means that managers can send instant recommendations or instructions if you need to adjust the workflow.
Telemetry data allows administrative decisions to be made with greater accuracy and more prudence to increase efficiency.
Thanks to AFS Connect you can see the place and time of the machine functioning to plan the next stage of work.
Precise knowledge of where the tractor or combine is (in which field or in which part of the field) allows you to direct trucks or fuel trucks to the machine in the field thus minimizing costs and ensuring maximum efficiency of employees and machines.
With AFS Connect Manager, you can receive alerts when the machine exits the specified area. This solution not only has safety features, but also helps owners to monitor that operators, especially if they are inexperienced or unfamiliar with the specifics of the farm, follow the established routes and selected areas.

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