Yield mapping™

A key element of precision farming is the creation of yield maps, which allow not only to assess the situation in the field, but also to test new technologies.

Yield monitoring is an attractive option when harvesting, because the scale of one field gives an understanding of more and less profitable areas. With maps, a farmer can influence them when sowing and fertilizing, as well as building economic strategies. Therefore, equipping the combine with a harvest control system needs due attention.

The moisture sensor measures the moisture content of grains in real time mode. The samples are taken from the skin for 30 seconds and the data is transmitted to the IntelliView™ IV monitor. Since the information is available in real time, the operator will constantly take new information and may need to adjust the machine parameters. To ensure the most accurate readings, a sensor calibration is required for the skin type culture.

The exclusive patented high-precision sensor is the best crop sensor in its class. Yogo design neutralizes the effect of mashing grain. Regardless of the type, the variety, or instead of the water in the core, the whole sensor is victoriously accurately controlled. With the second post-cob calibration of the sensor on the cob, the season of distant rotation is not necessary for this robot.
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