Schedule of a modern farm always contains much ancillary and transport operations that does not require use of a very powerful tractor. In this case, the Case IH MAXXUM series tractor will come to the aid of the thrifty owner. Thanks to their compact sizes and rather wide list of the additional working equipment these tractors are capable of coping with all auxiliary operations extremely quickly.
At that, Case IH MAXXUM tractors like other more powerful Case IH tractors have in their arsenal economical FPT engines, comfortable cabins with excellent roundabout, convenient layout and first-class Austrian build quality.

Model: TTF NEF L-6 / Tier III
Capacity: 6.7 l
Rated power: 126 hp. (92 kW)
Maximum torque: 555 Nm
Fuel system type: Mechanical (Bosch rotational high pressure fuel pump)
Fuel tank capacity: 250 l
Running gear
Wheel configuration: Rear-wheel drive with the possibility of engaging of the front axle (4WD)
Transmission type: 24 × 24 Hi Lo, 2-speed Power Shift with Power Shuttle travel direction switch
Number of gears: 24 averse/24 reverse
Maximum travel speed: 40 km/h
Standard size of front wheels: Single, 14.9R28
Standard size of rear wheels: Single, 18.4R38
Auxiliary working systems
Number of pair of outlets of the hydraulic system of the external equipment: 2 pairs (mechanical valves)
Hydraulic system capacity: 80 l/min.
Rear hitch category: Three-point hitch, category II, category II traction rod
Maximum load capacity of the rear hitch: 5,994 kg
PTO shaft rotational speed: 540/1,000 rpm
Overall dimensions and weight
Length/width/height: 4.48/2.17/2.9 m
Weight (without ballasts weight): 5,110 kg
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