Automatic water system Sveaverken F100™

Sveaverken F100 tractor automatic steering system.

This system allows you to automate tractor control while working in the field. It includes a variety of sensors, GPS navigation, control algorithms and other components for precise movement and performance of various agricultural operations. Such a system typically reduces operator workload, improves accuracy, and can optimize the use of fuel and other resources.

Key benefits:

Increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption
High accuracy of ± 2.5 cm with RTK signal
Straight line AB, curve, turn, A+ and group of lines
Quick change of vehicle movement
Basic and intelligent headlands
Field management
Unlimited library of assets

The high-precision automatic steering system of the F100 minimizes uncultivated areas. Increase the utilization of agricultural fields while improving plowing efficiency.


 Control terminal - 275*180*40mm, 10.1 inches, Type-C port, speaker, 9-36V, 4G;
 GNSS receiver - 162*78mm, GPS L1/L2; GLONASS L1/L2; BDS B1I/B2I; Galileo E1/E5, 9 - 36 V;
 Electric steering wheel - diameter: 410 mm, 12 V or 24 V;
 Radio antenna - frequency range: 410 MHz - 470 MHz, diameter 82 mm × 490 mm;
 Wheel angle sensor;
 A set of cables.
 Software - Sveaverken based on Android
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