Trimble Autopilot automatic control system™

Trimble Autopilot hydraulic automatic control system allows you to increase labour productivity and to reduce expenses for tillage and care of plants. The system allows you to make a profit with less labour. As a result, financial resources are saved and productivity and quality of products increase.

Autopilot for the tractor ensures the following advantages:
  • Reduction of the consumption of fertilizers that are often used in agriculture
  • Use of the machinery under difficult weather conditions, such as fog, smoke or dark time of day. Usually it is difficult for the operator to navigate in such conditions in case of tractor autopilot unavailability
  • Improving quality of the operations performed. Navigation on the tractor makes it possible to adjust the passage of transport with an accuracy of one or two centimetres
  • Improving germination rate and increasing yields

It is installed in the hydraulic system of the tractor. Its function is to control the wheels of the vehicle.

Trimble Autopilot hydraulic control system includes the following elements:
  • AG 25 antenna
  • Trimble FMX or CFX 750 monitor
  • Hydraulic valves unit
  • Steering Autosense Sensor turning angle sensor
  • NAV II controller

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