Raven RS1 ven autopilot for prepared equipment™

Raven RS1 ™ is the most powerful and fastest automatic driving system in history.

The RS1 navigation controller combines an autopilot controller, an antenna with a GPS receiver, and a modem with 2 sim cards. Incredible accuracy at both high and low speeds, which allows you to work more efficiently and accurately. Best-in-class diagnostics collect data on machine performance while operating, warning of errors and deviations in operation.

Features and benefits:
  • The concept of "all in one" - a simple installation
  • Built-in autopilot controller
  • Built-in GPS receiver and antenna
  • Built-in modem for 2 sim cards
  • Ability to connect a VSN camera
  • Stable operation of the equipment
  • Data transfer, diagnosis and remote support
  • Built-in 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer
  • Easy to use and calibrate
  • Compatible with ISOBUS virtual terminal
  • Remote support and settings
  • Multilingual support
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