Sidekick Pro direct injection system™

Raven Sidekick Pro saves a lot of time and money on herbicides, insecticides and nitrogen stabilizers.

You no longer need to cook tank mixes, Sidekick Pro will do it for you. Mixing takes place directly in the sprayer line.
Sidekick Pro is extremely efficient and easy to operate and configure, and allows you to quickly recoup your investment by increasing dosing accuracy, increasing yields, saving on PPE, improving the environment.

Features and benefits:
  • Up to 5 systems on one machine
  • Savings due to the absence of residues and waste PPE
  • Concentration change in seconds
  • There is no need to prepare a solution
  • Improving operator safety
  • 2 variants of pumps (0.03 - 1.2 l / min and 0.15 - 6 l / min)
  • Automatic self-diagnosis and flushing
  • Easy to use and calibrate
  • ISOBUS compatible
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