Farmall M™

Трактор Case IH Farmall M ActiveDrive4 Tier3

Farmall M ActiveDrive 4 tractors from Case IH offer a unique package in which every single detail has been meticulously designed, with superior features and innovations engineered to meet future needs. With the ActiveDrive 4 transmission, true power comes to life.
At the heart of the new Farmall M ActiveDrive 4 tractors is the powerful S8000 engine, standard in all models, making easy work of even the heaviest load. With Tier 3 emission level, 4 cylinders, 3908 cm3 cylinder volume, Turbo-Intercooler and high torque values, the Farmall M ActiveDrive4 is designed to combine power with efficiency.

Model: TTF S8000 / Tier III
Capacity: 3.9 l
Rated power: 110 hp. (81 kW)
Maximum torque: 430 Nm
Fuel system type: Mechanical (Bosch rotational high pressure fuel pump)
Fuel tank capacity: 110 l
Running gear
Wheel formula: Rear-wheel drive rear axle (4WD)
Transmission type: Transmission 16x16 ActiveDrive4, (Semi-Powershift)
Number of gearboxes: 16x16
Maximum speed: 40 km / h
Size of front wheels: 280 / 85R28 (11.2R28) A8
The size of the rear wheels is: 380 / 85R38 (14.9R38) A8
Auxiliary working systems
Number of pairs of exits of the hydraulic system of external equipment: 3 pairs
Productivity of hydraulic system: 65 l / min
Rear hitch category: Three-point hitch cat. III, traction beam cat. III
Maximum load capacity of the rear hitch: 5200 kg
PTO turnover: 540/1000 rpm
Overall dimensions and weight
Length / width / height: 4.5 / 2.5 / 2.6 m
Weight (excluding ballast weight): 4220 kg
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