The most power agrodron on the Ukrainian market
XAG P100 PRO is an advanced development in the field of agricultural spraying drones. The unit combines the ability to perform two operations: spraying and spreading. Reliable and simple software combines various ways to control the agrodrone. A unique function on the control panel allows you to fly over the field, creating a detailed map of the area.

Save water and reduce the use of fertilizers
The never-clogging rotary nozzles are suitable for a variety of chemicals, from oil-based solutions, suspensions to soluble powders.
  • Smart tank capacity: 50 l
  • Flow rate adjustment: 1-22 l/min.
  • Spraying width: 5-10 m
  • Droplet size range: 60-400 microns

Sowing and applying fertilizers simply from the air
High accuracy and resistance to strong wind. Smart auger dispensers are suitable for various granules: from rapeseed, rice seed, urea to combined mineral fertilizers.
  • Container capacity: 80 l
  • Spreading width: 3-7 m
  • Max. spreading speed: 150 kg/min.
  • Size of compatible granules: 1-6 mm

High work efficiency and primary safety
Prompt detection of obstacles on the route. Additional security enhancement with PSL dual cameras to monitor the situation on the field.
  • Detection range: 1.5-80 m
  • Max. relative obstacle avoidance speed: 13.8 m/s

Fully autonomous control from a smartphone
Intelligent route planning and the ability to fly over the field to create detailed maps are features that open up wide opportunities for analyzing and optimizing agricultural processes. Track operational data and share reports. Swarm control for teamwork.
  • Stable downward air flow
  • Improved peristaltic pumps
  • Increased flight speed to 50 km/h
  • Self-balancing lithium-polymer batteries
  • Charging with water-cooling
  • Intelligent generators
  • Detection and avoidance of obstacles
  • Optimization of flight height, taking into account terrain and altitude
  • Folding, small volume in transportation
  • Quick change of input platforms
  • Protection level IPX
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