BEDNAR OMEGA OO_L sowing machine™

BEDNAR OMEGA OO_L is a universal grain sowing machine with disk preparation of the soil which allows to carry out sowing of various types of legumes with a distance between the rows 12.5 or 16.5 cm with a big variety of options of crops with both conventional and minimum ways of tillage.
Location of the implements ensures excellent tillage before sowing combined with precise seed sowing combined with low weight and simple settings.
Thanks to the PSP (Precise Seed Placement) system the seed ploughshare sow the seeds to the same depth across the entire width of the unit and perfectly cultivate the soil in the longitudinal and transverse directions.

  • Pre-sowing tillage thanks to 460 mm diameter discs and a section of Turbo ploughshares
  •  Precise placement of the seeds at the same depth across the entire width of the sowing machine thanks to the PSP parallelogram system; force of pressing on the ploughshare up to 120 kg
  • X-like location of the disc batteries ensures exact passage of the unit behind the tractor
  •  Wheel pneumatic roller with self-cleaning effect ensures stability of the sowing machine during operation and transportation
  •  Light and durable machine design
  • Convenient and quick sowing matter calibration
  • Intuitive controlling through ISOBUS terminal

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