RTK base station™

RTK Trimble base station provides a signal to functioning with a repeating accuracy of 2.5 cm from year to year. The signal is transmitted via GPRS-Internet. In case of loss of communication, the signal is automatically switched to 3.8 cm signal from the satellites.
RTK mode provides high accuracy for the entire cycle of agricultural work from soil preparation to harvesting. It meets the agronomic requirements for growing all crops.
Farms that specialize in growing row crops have a great advantage when using RTK because cultivation of such crops requires the greatest precision in sowing, spraying, irrigation and harvesting. When working on NO-TILL and STRIP-TILL technologies RTK mode is simply irreplaceable.
One-button base station launch thanks to Autobase technology

  • Functioning with 2 cm accuracy from row to row and from year to year
  • Up to 300 vehicles can operate simultaneously within the signal range (up to 50 km)
  • Running for more than 10 hours on battery when using the mobile version of the station

Trimble® AgGPS® RTK mobile base station is easy to install on a tripod and it has a battery.
The main components of the base station are a GPS receiver installed at a fixed point and software for controlling such a receiver and recording data on a computer. Data of the base GPS station allow to correct errors of autonomous determination of coordinates by mobile receivers at post-processing of field data.

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