EZ-Pilot Pro™

EZ-Pilot Pro for Pro 700
The EZ-Pilot® Pro steering system provides high-precision control of combines and tractors (of all types). An additional advantage of the EZ-Pilot Pro is that the system drives the vehicle even when reversing to clearly align the unit before the next pass (max. 15 seconds). Thanks to this feature, users will feel the advantage from the first second the unit touches the ground.

Reduce fatigue
Thanks to hands-free driving, the EZ-Pilot Pro system reduces operator fatigue and increases safety on the farm.

The system is active during stops
Perform work in the field without being distracted by driving - our system will take care of it itself.

Compliance with user needs

The system software can be adapted to future tests and new technology. This will allow users to move to another level of use without replacing hardware.

Moving between t / s

The architecture of the system allows easy movement of the main components between several vehicles, where pre-prepared (laid cables).

Optimal performance
The electric motor of the driving system allows you to perform unobstructed control of the vehicle in manual mode.

EZ-PILOT PRO compatibility
  • Compatible with almost all vehicles in agriculture:
  • 2WD and 4WD tractors
  • Self-propelled sprayers
  • Combines
  • Mowers

Key features
  • High accuracy at an affordable price
  • Driving in reverse (up to 15 seconds)
  • The driving system remains active during stops
  • The minimum number of components allows easy movement between t / s
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