Mower-conditioner KUHN FC 3161 TCR™

Mower-conditioner KUHN FC 3161 TCR
The FC 3161 TCR mowers are available in five working widths (from 3.10 m to 4.40 m). Maneuvering is faster thanks to the central mounting of the traction bar and the GYRODINE swivel head. FC 3161 and 3561 TCD RA are available in roll groupings.

FC 3161 TCR series models with a central traction bar are available with a working width of 3.10 m to 4.40 m. Maneuvering in the reversible lane is faster. Productivity increases by 10-15% compared to a mower with side mounting. The GYRODINE head provides the greater flexibility and comfort of operation required for easy operation and high-quality feed. For smaller models (3.10 m and 3.50 m), a rolling device is also available.
Choose a conditioner that corresponds to the main crop: DIGIDRY with steel tines on TCD models for efficient work in different conditions, especially when mowing long-stem crops, SQUAREFLEX polyurethane seals on TCR models for delicate plants, DOUBLE CRIMP steel seals on models.

Working width, m 3.1
Transport width, m 3
Fastening of a drawbar Rotary in the center
Number of disks 7
Fastening of knives Fast fastening of Fast-Fir
TCR flattening mechanism: rubber rollers
Min. roll width, m 0.9
Max. roll width, m 2.3
Roller speed, rpm 780
Hinge 2-point semi-mounted cat. 2 and 3
PTO, rpm 1000
Min required power on PTO, hp 75
Requirements for the hydraulic distributor of the tractor 1 + 1 double
Weight, 2500 kg
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