VSN visual driving camera™

The latest breakthrough in technology from Raven - VSN ™ - a camera for driving sprayers on rows of plants.
The patented innovative technology uses a contactless stereo camera to navigate the rows of plants, which eliminates human error and defects in the sprayer on conventional autopilot.
Minimizing crop damage (trampling), covering more hectares per day, making it easier for the machine operator to return on investment quickly and maximizing crop returns, all with the Raven VSN visual driving camera во
Features and benefits:

  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Works on straight and contour lines
  • Works in areas with limited GPS / GNSS coverage
  • Improving the quality of cultivation
  • Reduction of crop damage
  • Increase in cultivated hectares
  • Operates at speeds over 30 km / h
  • Works when the rows are weedy
  • Row spacing from 50 - 100 cm
  • Works on slopes up to 8 degrees
  • Works from 10 cm of a plant to 90% of closing of lines
  • Fast one-time calibration
  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Works on corn, soybeans, cotton and sorghum
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