XCN - 2050 display™

In the middle of a busy season, the last thing you need is a sophisticated interface. The easy-to-use XCN-2050 display has a large touch screen with high resolution and clear visuals, as well as a choice between FmX® Plus or Precision-IQ depending on specific agricultural needs.

  • Large color display with 12.1 ”(30.8 cm) touch screen with high resolution
  • The Android-based operating system allows you to customize the display according to your way of working
  • Wear-resistant construction for daily use in the field, which meets a variety of environmental conditions
  • One built-in GNSS receiver
  • One built-in camera with support for an additional external camera
  • Wireless data exchange between the field and the office
Works with AutoSync

CASE IH XCN 2050 monitor
  • Case IH XCN 2050 monitor, 30.7 cm diagonal
  • Optimal for parallel driving systems
  • Suits well for operation in the system with RTK base station
  • Receiving of GPS and GLONASS signals
  • Day and night lighting modes
  • Virtual LED course indicator
  • Fastening in the cab.

Brief performance:
  • 30.7 cm diagonal monitor
  • Multi-touch “turning-over”, scaling and controlling technology for laptops understood by anyone
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional picture
  • GPS + GLONASS receiver: use of two groups of satellites provides maximum accuracy and movement stability
  • Using 2 flash drives one can easily transfer data during a day to PC and reload task maps
  • FieldFinder: technology of automatic recognition of the fields having been saved earlier
  • OnPath®: technology of automatic calibration of each pass
  • Integrated HD camera
  • Module architecture: technology allows uniting machines into unite information network
  • FreeForm™: full kit of movement trajectory options allows adaptation to any field shape and optimum obstacles avoidance
  • Full version of ISO BUS technology

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