Trailed sprayer Kuhn Metris 4102™

Spraying at the right time with a high-efficiency machine is important to get the most out of your product. Fast application with a simple and reliable machine is the key to safety and efficiency. Thanks to the optimized settings, the METRIS 2 sprayer will fully meet these requirements.

So now you can cultivate 100 hectares by noon! METRIS 2 sprayers allow you to act quickly when the most favorable conditions! METRIS 2 sprayers provide high productivity: flexibility - 4 levels of suspension, die-cast polyethylene tank, which is easier to wash, ergonomics for maximum protection when spraying!

With a length from the coupling point to the axle of 4.40 m and a height of 3.40 m (with a boom of 36 m), the METRIS 2 sprayer is an extremely compact machine. The short length of the machine allows easy maneuvering in the reversible lane, which improves the accuracy of spraying and limits damage to plants. This design also facilitates access to the field and reversing in the corners.

The shape of the tank is specially designed to integrate the rod into the overall dimensions, as well as to limit the overall height when assembling the rod. The three-section rods LEA3, RHA3S and RHA3 are integrated into the shape of the machine and do not come into contact with the tractor cab. The low height of the METRIS 2 trailed sprayer increases its stability during transport, ensuring comfort and road safety.

Good stability of the machine during operation is critical for the proximity of the bar to the target. The stability of the machine is an important factor in achieving this goal. METRIS 2 has four levels of suspension, which allows you to maintain the stability of the machine and ensures the perfect condition of the suspension on the road and in the field.

The suspension of the traction bar protects the tractor and the driver from any movement of the machine. During transport with the barbell folded, all movements are absorbed.

The axle equipped with a suspension bracket with polyurethane shock-absorbers protects the car from roughnesses of a surface on the road and in the field. The axle with a suspension means longer service life of the car! The overall stability of the machine during operation also allows you to keep the bar as close as possible to the target, "smoothing" surface irregularities. The stability of the bar starts with a good axle suspension!


Tank volume, l 3200 - 4100
Bar width, m 18 - 38
Length of a coupling earring - an axis, m 4,4
Track (depending on the wheels), m 1.5 - 2.25
Overall width, m 2.55
Transport height, m ​​3.35
Working height of rods (depending on wheels), m 0,5 - 2,25
Weight in the empty state, kg 2800 - 4050
CANBUS / ISOBUS adjustment
Strathane chassis suspension
EQUILIBRA bar suspension
Copy Track Axis (optional)
Accurate AUTOSPRAY injection
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