Pneumatic precision seed drill KUHN MAXIMA 3 TMR E™

Row seeder with electric sowing MAXIMA 3 TRM e
KUHN continues to innovate with the release of its new MAXIMA 3 pneumatic single seed drills.

To meet the maximum needs, 12 models from 6 to 12 rows have been created for sowing in the distance range of 37.5-80 cm. sow

This new line has a number of important advantages: accuracy, speed, reliability, durability and adaptability.

The highest accuracy is up to 10 km/h.

Due to the better selection and release of seeds, MAXIMA 3 improves the accuracy of sowing at a speed of up to 10 km/h. The planter provides exceptional stability and extremely high uniformity of sowing depth thanks to a powerful depth control system (max. 180 kg). Also, the drop point of the seed is where the coulter wheels touch the soil for perfect placement.

Development of distribution systems and soil pressure

The new MAXIMA 3 seeder also has two main improvements:

Constant pressure depth control system, simple and easy to adjust without tools. There are 4 different adjustment positions with a total disc pressure of 180 kg. A single spring stabilizes the position of the machine and provides improved seed placement.
The distribution is also improved due to the optimization of the selection due to the inner wall. The new ejector contributes to more accurate seed placement. Combined with an advanced metering hatch and pneumatic system to ensure optimal seed release. The discs have more holes to ensure perfect seed selection.
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