Designed for tractors from 260 to 360 hp. (6-8 buildings)
Reliable frame with a profile of 180 × 180 mm of a mechanically welded design. The Z-shaped frame allows the use of a very large wheel, which provides reduced traction, good load-bearing capacity, high passability, and reduces the output of the wheel at the edge of the field (23 cm with a width of 40 cm.

Spiral large body L:
plowing from 20 to 35 cm, the reconfigurable case for zyablevoy or smooth plowing, depending on speed leaves a wide furrow for wide tires. VL housing: plowing from 15 to 25 cm, for plowing in light and medium soils, crushing the lump in light and medium soil. The number of housings varies by adding inserts to the main frame - guarantees the best load distribution.

Specifications Number of housings Fuse Distance under the frame, cm Distance between the housings, cm Working width of the housing, cm Frame cross section, mm Power per housing, hp Multi-Leader 6 7 8 Tensile bolt / hydraulic protection system NSH 80 102 35, 40 , 45, 50 180 × 180 35–40
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