The Foundation for Harvest: How KUHN ESPRO Minuses Costs and Adds Profits
The Foundation for Harvest: How KUHN ESPRO Minuses Costs and Adds Profits
The Foundation for Harvest: How KUHN ESPRO Minuses Costs and Adds Profits
The Foundation for Harvest: How KUHN ESPRO Minuses Costs and Adds Profits

The Foundation for Harvest: How KUHN ESPRO Minuses Costs and Adds Profits


Discing, rolling, sowing of high precision at a speed of up to 17 km per hour. And this is in combination with fuel economy, as less tractor power is required for this sowing complex. And quick and trouble-free setup with calibration, which in practice takes less than an hour.

We are already joking about this planter, that it is red, it is sporty - says Yevhen KOSTENKO, deputy director for mechanization of Polissya filling station. - they are 100 percent satisfied with the planter. Very convenient in settings, in operation, easy to control for the operator. I also like the adjustment of the depth of cultivation and sowing with clips. Keeps the set parameters. Calibration is also simple. One coil, nothing needs to be changed. We had planters of other brands, so you can't set it up the first time. They took a planter from Tyten Machinery Ukraine. Service workers, smart guys, taught our specialists to work quickly. During the entire time, there was one warranty case, and the turbine speed sensor failed. The call and in two hours the seeder was already working in the field. Both the equipment and the service are top notch.

The ESPRO line of planters allows you to choose a unit for your tasks with a width from 3 to 8 meters.
They are united by reduced requirements for tractor power, ease of adjustment and high accuracy of sowing.
 ECONOMY. The low requirements for the traction power of ESPRO seeding complexes are due primarily to the unique design of offset support wheels with a diameter of 900 mm, which significantly increases the profitability of the business. The support wheels are offset relative to each other by 200 mm in the direction of movement, which eliminates the effect of a bulldozer, reduces the required traction power and facilitates the towing of the seeder. This also prevents negative vibrations of the planter and ensures more accurate seed distribution. Tires with a perfect square profile ensure uniform soil compaction across the entire width. Their special design minimizes soil sticking. The machines are distinguished by significantly lower power consumption and fuel consumption with increased productivity.
  HIGH ACCURACY OF SOWING AT HIGH SPEED. ESPRO ensures accuracy of wrapping depth at high speed thanks to the CROSSFLEX coulter beam, which is guaranteed to provide the specified accuracy of seeding depth up to 17 km/h.
  RELIABILITY AND CONVENIENCE OF OPERATION . Thanks to its simplified design and ISOBUS solutions, as well as simple setup, ESPRO planters are never idle.
  SOW AT THE OPTIMUM DEPTH. The ESPRO universal seeding complex is equipped with a CROSSFLEX coulter bar, which ensures uniform depth of seed wrapping in different conditions and at different speeds. Coulters are mounted on a frame of a special profile with the help of polyurethane spacers.

  PROVIDING CONTACT OF THE SEEDS WITH THE SOIL . The rolling wheels contribute to the inflow of moisture to the seeds, creating a capillary effect. They also provide seed contact with the soil. And the closing harrow reliably covers all the seeds with a layer of soil, and also breaks up lumps on the surface of the soil, preventing the formation of a crust on it, which can reduce seed germination.

 The quality of the machine is confirmed by the DLG. In 2016, specialists from the DLG (German Association of the Agricultural and Food Sector) conducted comprehensive tests of the ESPRO 6000 R in both field and laboratory conditions. The machine showed excellent results in the "Work quality" category and received the quality mark and DLG.

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