Magnum rowtrac AFS Connect™

Freedom to manage in your own way! Discover a feature of communication and remote diagnostics that has never been implemented on Magnum Series tractors. It is an arsenal of communications tools that provide the ability to share information, remotely diagnose and make decisions based on reliable data for any operation performed by your Magnum AFS Connect tractor. Magnum AFS Connect gives you the freedom to manage in your own way.
Версія Rowtrac
• All Magnum Rowtrac tractors offer a wide range of tracks, which allow you to reach a maximum speed of 40 km / h on tracks of any width: 61 and 76 cm.
• It turns in the same way as a normal tractor, but at the same time has a passability as in Quadtrac.
• Magnum Rowtrac can be individually adjusted to virtually any width between crop rows to reduce soil compaction and avoid plant damage.
• Available for Magnum 340, 380 and 400.
Armrest Multicontroller
The updated Multicontroller armrest has eight freely adjustable control buttons, a Multicontroller lever with four programmable remote control buttons and ISOBUS, a hotkey to access the settings screen and a control knob to focus full control on the operator's fingertips. have equals in the industry, are equipped with lighting, color marking and the ability to easily adjust to ensure simple and intuitive work with them.
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