Taiten Machinists of Ukraine at the jubilee Battle of the Agrotitans
Taiten Machinists of Ukraine at the jubilee Battle of the Agrotitans
Taiten Machinists of Ukraine at the jubilee Battle of the Agrotitans

Taiten Machinists of Ukraine at the jubilee Battle of the Agrotitans


Battle aAgrotitansis an event of a national scale, which gathers farmers from all corners of Ukraine every year. It is here that you can see agricultural units of various global brands in action and evaluate their capabilities in the field, chat with like-minded people, find ways to overcome the challenges of the industry together, share plans and achievements, learn about new technological solutions and products that contribute to the development of agricultural business.

Taiten Machinery Ukraine demonstrated KUHN units from its own line of equipment available in the warehouse. The following machines were shown in operation and static:

·       KUHN sowing complexESPRO 6000RS as a universal and flexible sowing solution. This seeder can work after the plow, minimal tillage or directly on crop residues, so it will maximally satisfy the needs of agriculture with any crops. These planters, unlike competitors, do not require a lot of traction, so they are surprisingly economical, provide precision sowing at a high speed of 17 km/h and have intuitive settings. We can safely say that such a unit will be useful in every farm, because one of the key advantages of this seeder is adaptability.
·       Trailed sprayer KUHNMETRIS AUTOSPRAY with which large areas are not a problem! This highly efficient machine is designed for processing of agricultural crops and application of fertilizers. The unit guarantees a high speed of operation regardless of the type of terrain, significantly reduces the consumption of working fluid and allows you to expand the time range of plant processing, which successfully differs from other equipment. The machine is light, compact and maneuverable, thought out to the smallest detail, has a strong and reliable design. The AUTOSPRAY system guarantees a high quality of spraying, because regardless of the speed of operation and climatic conditions, the droplet size is controlled and excellent working coverage is provided.
·       Trailed round baler KUHN VB3155 . The special feature of this unit is a replaceable chamber with three rollers and five belts, which ensure fast, uniform compaction of hay or straw according to the specified parameters. A combination of the Progressive system Density and well-thought-out design of the pressing chamber ensures the formation of perfect rolls. Ukrainian farmers note that together with all the innovations implemented by KUHN engineers, the KUHN VB 3155 round baler demonstrates excellent energy efficiency and works with tractors with a power of 80 hp or more, which allows you to save fuel and precious resources.
·       The KUHN MULTI-LEADER semi-mounted plow provides very high productivity with the ease of use of a mounted plow, has an ultra-durable construction for work in the most intense conditions. Equipped with the new deviation correction system, patented by KUHN, when paired with the tractor, the plow is perfectly aligned along the draw line for optimal plowing.
·       Trailed mulcher KUHN RM610 is the leader among other machines for working in conditions of increased load. This unit works with a tractor with a capacity of up to 350 hp . and will satisfy the needs of any farm with high-quality processing of crop residues and their uniform distribution over the soil surface. Perfect grinding is achieved thanks to three elements: a rotor with a large diameter, a sufficient overlap area of the knives and their high linear speed. KUHN universal mulchers are indispensable assistants in the cultivation of pastures and fields of a smart owner!

Watch the video clip , where the product manager Taiten Machinery Ukraine Dmytro Prodanov talks about the equipment that was presented at the event.
In addition to a fairly wide range of Taiten equipment Mashineri Ukraine for the first time presented a new universal driving system under its own brand -T- Line PRO TRACK . The main advantages of this kit are high accuracy (up to 2.5 cm), ease of installation and adjustment, increased productivity of equipment and significant savings in fuel and lubricants. Among other things, one of the significant advantages in today's conditions is a reasonable price for maintaining high product quality and, in addition, an annual subscription to the network of base stations RTK + for all Ukrainian agro -producers. The system can be purchased separately or together with a CASE tractorIHFarmallM on promotional terms .
The well-known Raven HAWKEYE 2 and precision farming systems were also presented XAG V40 sprayer drone .
Equipment, service, original spare parts and innovative solutions for precision farming - all this is offered by TaitenMachinery Ukraine for the harmonious development of your agricultural economy and the achievement of the best financial results!

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